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No.7, Padmavathy Nagar, Second Street, Nellikuppam, Panruti Taluk, Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu 607105, India


Who we are

AR Trust educates and empowers underprivileged children from urban slums in Cuddalore ad supports them till they are gainfully employed.


Founder & Chairman of AR Trust: G.Rajamani

Secretary of the Trust: Mrs.Padmapriya Rajamani


Every child goes through a all-round development programm at our learning centers to enrich their physical, mental and emotional well being while furthering their education. We make this impact this through eight key area of intervention.


ART aspires to address the academic need of every child. In addition to paying their fees and providing school supplies ,we assess each child individually to identify core strengths and build independent study skills through our after school and in school coaching and mentoring programs.


Tailored to engage primary students to learn and listen ,speak and read the alphabets ,two to three letter words and sight phrases in English.

Graded reading and writing programs exposing the children to a variety of writing styles and enabling them to grow into class appropriate levels.


Aims to teach the basic mathematical concepts such as addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, division and number concepts.

Tailored to enable children to gain confidence in maths and grow into class appropriate levels.


With the support and assistance of mothers from the community, ART also ensures that every child receives nutritious snacks and supplements everyday. Evert Sunday the children serve a special lunch.

Meals are served to the children on all special occasions like festivals and birthday including meals sponsored by some of the ART alumni after receiving their first salary.


ART organizes the routine health camps and vaccination drives for Typhoid ,MMR and Hepatitis B . Every child is provided with a protein mix as a dietary supplement regularly.

To assess their overall improvement , the height and weight of each child is recorded at the beginning and end of the academic year.


ART provides life skills to children to enable them to effectively handle the demands and challenges commonly encountered in daily life.

One on one and group counseling are also being provided to ensure emotional well being and positive mental health of the children.


ART fosters an environment for each child to participate in leisure and recreation activities so as to encourage creative expressions and stimulation.

Candle making , decoupage , dance, music are some of the classes organized throughout the year. Children are taken for fun outing and trips.


Professionals from various organizations mentor the senior student at ART . This enables them to gain self confidence and develop employable skills.

The senior students also mentor the junior children by teaching and engaging them productively.


Physical activities increase self confidence and self esteem in children .Therefore ART engages the children in activities like Yoga ,Karate ,Football and Cricket so as to provide a perfect outlet to keep the children active and to give them necessary skills to succeed later in their lives.


Financial literacy and independence ensure a strong foundation for building dreams. ART enables every child and their mother to have and to operate a bank account.

General education
Trust has been extending the financial support to the poor and deserving children in their pursuit of education starting from primary level to professional level. The payment of educational fees is done directly to the institution concerned. The application is entertained base on the poor economic status family employment background and the meritorious track record of the students. The continuity of the financial support for the subsequent years of study in guarranted only if the meritorious performance of the student is mentioned. The applicants are required to submit the request form with adequate supporting documents.

The Executive Chairman and the Treasurer of this Trust jointly open and maintain a bank account in the name of the Trust. Funds received to fulfill these aims and objectives are to be maintained in this account. Various amounts received in the trust should be deposited and maintained in the bank.

The amount to be received by this trust will be covered by Section 31 (1) D Section 11 (5) and Section 2 (15) 11, 12, 13 and 80 G Sections 11, 11 (4 D) of the Income Tax Act 1961. Can be conducted.

நிதியும் கணக்கும் :
இந்த அறக்கட்டளையின் நிர்வாக தலைவர் மற்றும் பொருளாளர் ஆகிய இருவர் இணைந்து அறக்கட்டளையின் பெயரில் வங்கி கணக்கு ஆரம்பித்து பராமரித்து வருகிறார்கள் . இந்த நோக்கங்களையும் குறிக்கோள்களையும் நிறைவேற்ற பெறப்படும் தொகைகளை இந்த கணக்கில் பராமரிக்க வேண்டும். அறக்கட்டளையில் பெறப்படும் பல வகை தொகைகளை வங்கியில் செலுத்தி பராமரிக்கப்பட வேண்டும் . இந்த அறக்கட்டளைக்கு பெறப்படும் தொகை வருமான வரி சட்டம் 1961-வது 31 (1) டி பிரிவு 11 (5) மற்றும் பிரிவு 2 (15) 11, 12, 13 மற்றும் 80 G 11,11 (4டி) ஆகிய பிரிவுகள் வருமான வரிச்சட்டம் 1961-ன் படி விளக்கு பெற்றும் நடத்தலாம் .

It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to make a change. But you don’t quite know how to make a change. So you make a modest donation. You are told that every penny counts. Then, when you see the results of your kindness elevate a child, the change you envisioned has begun.
Make a donation. Small steps lead to big transformations.



You’re bothered by the staggering level of illiteracy in our country. You would like to help us , even if it’s just for a few hours in a day . You come to our office and inquire. We welcome you to join in our community and you find that the children are eager and willing to learn. You’ve never felt so gratified before.
Come join us at ART and tell your story online. You can all make a difference.

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AR அறக்கட்டளையானது, கடலூரில் உள்ள நகர்ப்புற குடிசைப் பகுதிகளைச் சேர்ந்த ஆதரவற்ற குழந்தைகளுக்குக் கல்வி, முதியோர்களுக்கு உதவுதல் மற்றும் பல சமூக சேவைகளை செய்து வருகின்றன.

AR Trust Account Details

AC .No: 04750110072837

IFSC: UCBA0000475

MICR Code: 6050 28009

UCO Bank: Nellikuppam

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What We Offer



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No.7, Padmavathy Nagar, Second Street, Nellikuppam, Panruti Taluk, Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu 607105, India



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